Judith Panson was born in England and has lived in Canada since 1965.  She graduated in art from Plymouth and London Universities and has taught art at all levels from elementary through college as well as working at various art related positions including design studio, pottery studio, department store window dressing, free lance illustrating for greeting cards and a cook book publisher.   Her work has been in gallery, solo and group shows in Manitoba, Ontario, Colorado, U.S.A., and Mexico. She has won awards in juried shows in both Manitoba and Ontario for water media and printmaking.  Her work hangs in both corporate and private collections in Mexico, Australia, Canada, England and the United States of America.

"My inspiration has always been mainly from the natural world and the importance of man’s relationship with his environment.  Each medium allows a brand new approach to portraying the seasons, wildlife, buildings – all of which in turn effect our emotions and well-being.  I hope my images give pleasure, lightness of heart and indicate my basic premise that life is good and should be celebrated. "

Judith Panson
April 2005

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